Causes of increase of Radon fixation

Radon is a highly radioactive element produced as a result of the disintegration of Uranium. It belongs to the class of noble gases and is highly inert. Being radioactive in nature, as soon as it is produced, it decays.Even further, giving birth to radioactive components termed as radon daughter elements.Another characteristic of radon is the fact that it is nearly impossible to detect due to being colorless, odorless as well as tasteless. Radon is naturally present in the air and soil in a small fixation due to the constant disintegration and natural existence of radioactive matter. Therefore, there is a small concentration of Radon in home by default.

This naturally found the concentration of radon is harmless.However, if this concentration exceeds the level of 4 picocurie per liter in air or 4000 picocurie per liter in water its prolonged exposure becomes a serious concern.Radon emits radioactive radiations that are equivalent to the radiations and alpha particles emitted by other radioactive elements such as polonium. According to a case study, a family who is exposed to a radon level exceeding 4 picocurie per liter is exposed.

The radiation of Nuclear Regulatory Commission allow you family that it would be standing next to the fence of a radioactive decay waste site.radon in home

Is high concentration of radon leads to cancer?

A prolonged exposure to high concentrations of Radon in homes is the leading cause of lung cancer claiming around 21,000 deaths caused by lung cancer each year.Since its presence is nearly impossible to detect therefore the only way to be aware of the presence and the exact concentration of radon in the home are the tests for the identification of radon existence. It is recommended to perform a radon detection test periodically, especially in places which have had a history of increase in the concentration of radon.Another important point in this regard is to establish that the convention followed where one becomes concerned about his health and safety if the radon level exceeds 4 picocurie per liter is not a hundred percent reliable. The biomedical scientists and experts have, despite vigorous research and case studies, yet not agreed to the declaration of a specific level of radon fixation that can be called safe or acceptable.

Despite the fact that an increase in the radon level has been a serious concern yet it is not an issue that has no solution.A series of methods and processes called “radon mitigation” are performed to get rid of radon as well as its daughter elements from the air leaving your home radon free. However the radon detection tests play an integral role in this regard since they are our only mean reliable enough to detect the presence and the exact concentration of radon. It is important that the radon detection tests are performed prior as well following the mitigation process. The performance of tests after the radon mitigation is crucial to determine what extent the mitigation has worked and whether there is a need to repeat it or not.

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