Guide to Dealing with Problems Regarding Rental Cars

We all were in a situation where we needed a vehicle to go somewhere and a car was not available, so we had to turn to a cheap rent a car Dubai. Whether you are a frequent user of this service or you plan to avail it for the first time.There are some problems with this rental service that you need to keep in mind to avoid any inconvenience. This article lists some of those potential problems and their solutions, so you can get the most value for the money that you are spending on this service.

  • Delays:

Whenever, you rent a car from a cheap rent a car Dubai be sure to expect delays. Even if the company guarantees punctuality yet, the traffic on the roads is unpredictable.It is natural if there is a slight delay in your pick-up from the destination. If you walk out of the airport and do not find your rented car to pick you up be patient and wait for a few minutes. If the car does not arrive even after 30 minutes of waiting then you should contact your service provider and ask him for an update.

The possible solution for this problem is to give the time of 15 minutes earlier to the rental company. This way even if there is a delay in the arrival of the car you will not be affected by it.

  • Dissatisfied with the vehicle:

If you are not happy with the vehicle, which has been sent to your service, you can call your service provider.If you are receiving the car, at the pick-up location and ask him for an exchange. In the case of going to pick-up the vehicle from the company itself, you can instantly get it changed.

The solution to this problem is to avoid booking vehicles in advance. This way you can reserve the car you like to ensure your satisfaction and content.

  • Unavailability of reserved vehicle:

At times, even if you have the vehicle reserved, you are informed at the last minute that your desired vehicle is unavailable. In such situations, the cheap rent a car Dubai company representative will talk you into getting another vehicle. He may also offer you an upgrade. In any such case, do not make any hasty decision. It is most likely that you will fall a prey to their clever strategy and say yes to an upgrade in the haste of immediately arranging a car. This is a big mistake as you do not realize that the upgrade will cost you more money.

In any such situation, where you are informed that your reserved car is unavailable due to whatever reasons, simply say no and ask for a refund. Take your refunded money and rent a car from any other car rental service provider. When you will ask for a refund, there is a huge probability that the company will upgrade your vehicle in the price of the previous package to accommodate you.


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