Pressure washing San Antonio Texas

Pressure washing may be fun for homeowners, but it is a piece of skill for professionals. You can wash almost any surface with pressure washing. However, different surfaces and different types of dirt may require different pressures. A pressure range of 1300 to 1400 psi works best for light cleaning jobs like most household cleaning, car cleaning, garage floor cleaning etc. However, a higher pressure range may be necessary for commercial enterprises. If you apply higher pressure on delicate surfaces such as tiles and glass surfaces they may break. So you need to have a good idea about how much pressure is optimum for what kind of surface. You need optimum pressure since you cannot remove dirt at less pressure. Professional pressure washing establishments like Pressure washing San Antonio Texas have a very good idea about what pressure is optimum for which surface. You need to call them if you need to clean your households or commercial property. If you take up the job yourself you may end up damaging stuff or less than optimum cleaning.

Types of Pressure Washers

Pressure washers are of various kinds. You can get electrically driven as well as gas-powered washers. While electricity driven washers are more common they are most suitable for light duty jobs. On the other hand, people mostly use gas-powered pressure washers for heavy-duty jobs like cleaning grease and oil from surfaces etc. Electric pressure washers are also cheap compared to gas operated devices. This is why many homeowners buy electric pressures. However, you can get gas-powered devices on rent.


Why You Need Pressure Washing


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Exteriors of households are regularly exposed to elements like dirt, mildew, mold and other stuff that doesn’t just make your property unsightly but put your investment at risk. You need to clean them regularly to maintain your property in pristine condition. You need gentle cleaning for most of the property. A professional pressure washer can effectively clean your home exterior without applying too much pressure. Professional companies don’t just clean by force. They mostly clean gently, but effectively and removes everything from mold stains to dirt, dust etc. This augurs well for your home and landscaping. In fact, you need to have a soft approach while cleaning home exteriors since there are many exterior housing materials which are delicate in nature. Too much pressure can wash out the color and deface the walls and tiles. So make sure that only a professional company carries out the washing in your home.


For commercial enterprises, cleaning is mostly a requirement than an aesthetic exercise. Such enterprises may require deep cleaning especially if there is an accumulation of dirt and grease. For such enterprises, a professional pressure washer may use high-pressure jets of water. However, in that case to the workers need to have the right idea about various pressure ranges that may apply to different surfaces.


If need be you may use detergents to wash stuff properly such as while washing your car. There are some devices which come with a built-in tank where you can put detergents and use it to clean.


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